Selection of unique cheeses and cured meats:

Campagne Francais (100 g) – 190 CZK
(3 types of French cheeses, 2 types of French cured meats all according to the daily menu)

Caratterino Italiano (100 g) – 190 CZK
(2 types of Italian cheese, 3 types of Italian sausages all according to daily offer)

Delicacies par excellence:

Mozzarella con Tartuffi (80 g) – 150 CZK
(fried mozzarella balls with truffle)

Olive con carne (80 g) – 150 CZK
(fried olives stuffed with minced meat)

Pâté with foie gras from Filip Töpfer (50 g) – 180 CZK

“selFish” (115 g) – 350 CZK
(Spanish sardines La Brújula in oil)

Pickles (50 g) – 90 CZK
(pickled vegetables, olives according to the daily menu)

We serve fresh pastries with all meals.